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A care package should be requested:
     - only for service persons in a war zone.
     - only by a family member, not the service person involved. If the soldier reading this wants a care package sent to
       him or her, please go to and place your request with them and they will honor your request.

Information of Service Member
Rank, First Name, Last Name:
Address Line 1:                       
Address Line 2:                       
Address Line 3:                       
Country where serving:            
Date Expected to leave(month, year):      

Information of Requester
Requester's name:

Requester's email address:

Relationship of Requester:

Suggested items wanted:

Care Packages From Home is an independent 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing some measure of comfort from home to our fighting men and women.The organization  recently shipped its 5,000th package to troops in the Middle East. Care Packages From Home stands out from other military based charities in that it has no paid employees and is run entirely by volunteers from a retirement community and a local high school.  This enables us to use donations much more efficiently than other organizations. One-hundred percent of the tax deductible donations we receive are used for purchasing the goods that we put in the packages and the cost of shipping thecare packages to soldiers.

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